Code desc date country
GD007antiques/glass/image018.jpgblue glass lidded dish with clear glass base and inserts
GD008antiques/glass/image020.jpgclear and opaque carnival glass oval dish
GDC001antiques/glass/image022.jpghexagonal chunky clear glass decanter with opaque feathering effect
GDC002antiques/glass/image024.jpgsquare green bubble effect glass decanter grape/swirl/leaf design
GDC003antiques/glass/image026.jpgclear glass decanter with star base reflecting in cut circles
GDC004antiques/glass/image028.jpgclear glass horizontal bubble ridged decanter with pouring lip
GDC005antiques/glass/image030.jpgamber etched glass decanter
GG001antiques/glass/image032.jpgpair of chunky glass goblets