Code desc date country
IB001antiques/misc/image002.jpgmetal-linked ivory beads carved as girl riding on a tortoise
IBR001antiques/misc/image004.jpgbrown striped stone set in ivory brooch
IO001antiques/misc/image006.jpgcarved ivory camel with 2 riders on wooden base
IO002antiques/misc/image008.jpgthree ivory carved oriental figures
ITP001antiques/misc/image010.jpgivory carved crocodile holder on wooden base complete with carved animal toothpicks
KG001antiques/misc/image012.jpgGrandfather clockEngland
KGM001antiques/misc/KGM001sm.jpgMiniature Grandfather Clock. 8 day clock inside modele depose 148705. Apprentice piece.
KM001antiques/misc/image014.jpgwooden mantel clockpost WWIIEngland