Code desc date country
BB001antiques/metal/image002.jpg"Princess Mary brass gift tin ""Imperium Britanicum MM Christmas 1914"""1914
BB002antiques/metal/image004.jpgbrass gargoyle box with lift-off lid
BBL001antiques/metal/image006.jpgbrass school bell with wooden handle
BFR001antiques/metal/image008.jpgbrass fly-fishing reelScotland
BL001antiques/metal/image010.jpgbrass miners lampWales
BS001antiques/metal/image012.jpgbrass wax seal embossed rose; with wooden handle painted black
BT001antiques/metal/image014.jpg"brass & leather telescope, 4 sections marked CMr H Simpson South End"England
BT002antiques/metal/image016.jpg"brass telescope in leather case, 3 sections, Curlew X25-X40"England
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