*** IMPORTANT: As of 17th March 2020, all our organised rides have been suspended, following instruction from Cycling UK, regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Further details can be seen on our Runs List Page: HERE

Try Cycling: Runs aimed at beginners, at a slow pace with frequent stops, about 10-15 miles long. They may include a coffee stop. The Start points have parking for those bringing their bikes to the start by car.

Morning Runs: These runs are at a relatively slow pace and are usually about 25–30 miles long. A coffee or picnic stop will usually be made.

Full Day Runs: These are all-day runs intended for experienced cyclists. A coffee stop and lunch/picnic stop will be made.

Slower Full Day Runs: Slower pace. Distance normally 30-45 miles.

Medium Full Day Runs: Moderate pace. Distance normally 45-60 miles.

Faster Full Day Runs: Fast pace. Distance normally 60-75 miles (* runs are longer).

Pub Runs: Start prompt at the time stated, to reach the pub by 21:00 approximately. LIGHTS! For further information, contact Alberto.

Newcomers: We welcome newcomers, particularly on the 'Try Cycling' and 'Morning' runs. You do not need to be a member of the CTC to join our runs, but after 4 or 5 runs you would be expected to join the CTC. Ask the run leader for a membership form or join through the CTC website: http://www.cyclingUK.org Runs start promptly at the time stated. Distances are calculated from the meeting place. Bring spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, tools, wet weather gear, some food, drink and LIGHTS where relevant. It is recommended that all cyclists carry a First Aid kit.

CA Car Assist FFD Faster Full Day MEM Memorial Run
MFD Medium Full Day MR Morning Run POI Point of Interest Run
PR Pub Run SFD Slower Full Day SOC Social
SP Special TC Try Cycling TR Thursday Run

Distance (miles): A*:75+ A:60-75 B:45-60 C:30-45 D:20-30 E:10-15