Code desc date country
XB002antiques/misc/image044.jpg"oriental laquered box, shaped like a book"
XGS001antiques/misc/image046.jpgtwo glove stretchers; one ivory; one ebony
XH001antiques/misc/image048.jpgfour u-boat German navy hats
XJ001antiques/misc/image050.jpgstring of cream-coloured beads
XNR001antiques/misc/image052.jpgleather covered metal napkin ring 3rd prize presented by Ensign Watt to 63 Co 1st Reg't LRV
XO001antiques/misc/image054.jpgshell painted with sailing ship
XS001antiques/misc/image056.jpgThe Britannia box of slate pencilsGermany
XSK001antiques/misc/image058.jpg"sewing kit, silver and mother of pearl"c 1909